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Aniforte Pure Range 400g

We are particularly proud of the fact that PureNature range is produced without the typical additives used in many other dog foods and can be better tolerated by sensitive dogs than conventional food brands.
The secret of quality is the large amount of fresh and high-quality meat used for PureNature range. We carefully check the quality of our ingredients and subject them to regular veterinary checks.

However, these controls alone are not the only guarantee of high-quality standards: Aniforte source the meat and other ingredients almost exclusively from great producers they have been working with for years. The ingredients are processed as quickly as possible to preserve their freshness and natural vitamins. All valuable and healthy ingredients are almost completely preserved in this way – this is how Aniforte ensure a healthy diet.

Because we care about your pet’s well-being, AniForte guarantees that you will never find dubious additives in our wet dog food line:
no formed meat
no bone meal
no attractants
no protein substitutes such as soya
no artificial colourings
no artificial aromas
no EC additives
no conservatives

Our AniForte registered products are produced using only the best ingredients and are developed in close cooperation with veterinarians, animal health practitioners, and nutritionists.

60.0% buffalo (consisting of meat and offal) 27.2% meat broth, 3.0% spinach, 3.0% carrots, 2.0% celery, 2.0% millet, 2.0% peach


60% horse (consisting of offal, horse meat, horse heart) plus 27.8% broth, 5.0% sweet potatoes, 4.0% parsnips, 2.0% apples, 0.3% eggshell powder, chamomile, fennel seeds, parsley, coconut flakes, 0.1% hemp oil, 0.1% evening primrose oil, silica, omega-3 fish meal, seaweed lime


88.2% venison (60.0% from venison heart, venison meat, venison liver, venison lung, venison tripe and 28.2% from venison stock), 2.0% parsley root, 2.0% courgettes, 2.0% sweet potatoes, 1.0% celeriac, 1.0% cranberries, 1.0% pear, 1.0% plum,1.0% chestnut, 0.1% eggshell powder, 0.1% herbs (thyme, rosemary), 0.1% wheat germ oil, 0.1% desiccated coconut, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% silica, 0.1% omega-3-extract, 0.1% seaweed calcium


85.2% beef (60.0% from beef heart, beef, beef liver, beef lung, beef tripe and 25.2% from beef stock), 3.0% fennel, 3.0% carrots, 3.0% courgettes, 3.0% potatoes, 2.0% apples, 0.1% eggshell powder, 0.1% herbs (dandelion, nettle, ribwort, yarrow), 0.1% rapeseed oil, 0.1% desiccated coconut, 0.1% spirulina, 0.1% silica,0.1% omega-3-extract, 0.1% seaweed calcium


Puppy 86.0% chicken (60.0% from chicken heart, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken stomach, chicken neck and 26.0% from meat stock), 4.0% carrots, 3.0% courgettes, 2.0% fennel, 2.0% potatoes, 1.0% raspberries, 1.0% apples, 0.1% eggshell powder, 0.1% herbs (dandelion, yarrow, fennel, camomile), 0.1% yeast, 0.1% linseed, 0.1% rapeseed oil, 0.1% desiccated coconut, 0.1% silica, 0.1%, spirulina, 0.1% omega-3 extract, 0.1% seaweed calcium

Aniforte Pure Range 400g

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