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Bellfor Dental Pulver - 80g

Bellfor Dental Pulver naturally reduces tartar and halitosis in dogs


Bellfor Dental Pulver is a natural dietary supplement that helps you maintain your dog's daily dental hygiene and teeth health.


What makes Bellfor Dental Pulver so special?

Healthy teeth are critical to your dog's well-being. With Bellfor Dental Pulver you ensure that the teeth of your four-legged friend are gently cleared of tartar and that new plaque is prevented.

As with all Bellfor products, Bellfor Dental Pulver uses only natural raw materials that guarantee high product quality and optimum compatibility.


Dental Pulver - Additive:

Ascophyllum nodosum is an alga of natural sea salts. It contains ingredients that are absorbed by the blood and together with the dog's saliva form a composition that can dissolve plaque and thus reduce a new coating of tartar. Good saliva production in dogs can help eliminate the bacteria responsible for plaque and tartar.

Silica supports strong teeth.

Parsley has an odour-binding effect and thus supports oral hygiene.


Why Bellfor Dental Pulver is the right choice for dental calculus

Tartar is a common problem in dogs. It develops from plaque that has not been removed and over time leads to serious problems with the teeth, such as gingivitis.

Tartar is very persistent and can often only be removed with thorough dental cleaning by a veterinarian.

With Bellfor Dental Pulver, however, they have developed a dental care product that not only helps prevent the formation of plaque, but also reduces existing tartar.

Since you only need to mix the powder with your dog's food once a day, with Bellfor Dental Pulver you also benefit from uncomplicated application without any additional time.


Your benefits with Dental Pulver from Bellfor:

Natural ingredients

No artificial additives

Easy application and dosing

Excellent digestib🐰ility

Suitable for all dog breeds

High efficacy

Bellfor Dental Pulver - 80g

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