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Bellfor Vermal Powder 80g

Bellfor Vermal - Powder is made of 100% natural ingredients

The special combination of selected herbs creates a worm-hostile environment in the dog's intestines (or the cat's). This reduces the risk that worms and other intestinal parasites settle in the intestines.

Act quickly when dogs show signs of worm infestation

Worm infestation in dogs is a subject that comes up time and again for dog owners.

If a worm infestation is detected, you should act quickly. Otherwise, there is the danger that the dog might become seriously ill due to a massive worm infestation.


Experience has shown, that chemicals can often have unwanted side effects. Bellfor Vermal is an alternative, natural method.


The advantages of Bellfor Vermal at a glance:

  • Creates a worm-hostile environment in the intestines
  • No strain on internal organs
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • No formation of resistance, even after repeated administration
  • Promotes a healthy bowel
  • Creation of a gut environment hostile to giardians



Our Bellfor Vermal can be used as a prophylaxis against worm infestation.

For this purpose, Bellfor Vermal should be fed over a period of 10 days.

For a long-term prophylaxis, Bellfor Vermal should be fed every three months for 10 days.



32% pumpkin seed flour deoiled without shell, 18% coconut flour, 16% carrots ground, 12% parsley leaves ground, 8% oreganum ground, 10% wormwood herb ground, 4% ginger root peeled ground.




Dogs up to 10kg 1/2 teaspoon per day

Dogs from 10kg to 20kg 1 teaspoon per day

Dogs from 20kg to 30kg 2 teaspoons per day

Dogs from 30kg to 40kg 3 teaspoons per day

Dogs from 40kg to 50kg 3 1/2 teaspoons per day

Bellfor Vermal Powder 80g

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