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CNP Gallbladder & Liver Test Strips

Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, and Ketones are important indicators of your pet's overall health status.

Bilirubin is a byproduct of the liver's breakdown of red blood cells and high levels of it in the blood or urine can indicate liver issues or other health problems.

Urobilinogen is a waste product produced by the liver and can indicate liver or kidney problems if levels are high in urine.

Ketones are produced when the body breaks down fat for energy instead of glucose, and high levels can indicate a serious condition called ketoacidosis in some animals or those with other metabolic disorders.

Testing for these substances can help detect potential health problems early on and allow for prompt intervention and treatment, which can lead to a better outcome for your pet. Therefore, it is a good idea to test your pet for Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, and Ketones to ensure their well-being.

CNP Gallbladder & Liver Test Strips

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