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Himalayan Cheese Puff Bites

Like the original Pawfect Cheese chew bars, this appetising range is made in the Himalayas using the same traditional recipe and process but what our canine friends enjoy most in this range is the crunch! Choose from our Puff bars or Puff bites, each with its own unique balance of hardness and size but the same Pawfect guarantee of taste and nourishment.

100% Natural Dog-Treat.

Gluten and Grain Free.

No added preservatives or additives.

Jam-packed with Natural Protein.

Human-Grade Ingredients.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Ingredients.

Weight: 70g


Crude protein: min 59.2%

Crude fat: min 5.2%

Fibre – min 5.9%

Moisture – max 10%



Milk from free-range grazing cows and yaks.

100% natural

100% grain-free



Calcium and protein-rich

Himalayan Cheese Puff Bites

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