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Miswâk - Dental Tooth Stick

Miswâk - Arabic for Dental Tooth Stick

Twig of the Salvadora Persica Tree A.K.A Arak Tree or Peelu Tree

Known benefits

*Fights plaque & bacteria

*Strenthens Enamel

*Prevents teeth decay by lowering mouth PH levels


*Promotes wound healing

*Anti-fungal against oral candidiasis

*Naturally contains astringents, abrasives, resins, fluoride

Naturally occurring minerals

*Vitamin C



*Sodium Bicarbonate



Can be used up to 5 times a day.

Few studies and articles found on effectiveness and benefits of Miswâk which you can check out:

Study by Saudi Medical Journal

Article by National Library of Medicine

Study by National Centre for Biotechnology

Article by Science Direct

Clinical trial by ADA (American Dental Association)

Our Miswâk is human grade and comes with a hygiene holder.

Miswâk - Dental Tooth Stick

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