New Zealand Organic Wheatgrass - 100g

New Zealand Organic Wheatgrass - 100g

WHY NEW ZEALAND WHEATGRASS? It's simple, at present New Zealand grows the finest quality wheatgrass available, its taste has sweet notes rather than the bitterness that can be experienced with cheaper far eastern wheatgrass powders.


In recent years wheatgrass powder from China and the far east has had issues with contamination, and much of it was stripped of its organic status because it tested positive for heavy metals, our certified New Zealand wheatgrass has passed all European inspections


Benefits of Wheatgrass:


Grass from wheat plant that's harvested before it develops gluten - GLUTEN FREE


Source of fibre aiding good bowel health


Rich in Magnesium


Source of antioxidants & vitamins C, E


Promotes healthy muscle tissue & blood


Freshens breath


Odor control


Energy boosting


Source of chlorophll