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Smartbarf 500g

SmartBarf, the vegetable, seed & fruit mix that is…

100% natural

Contains 8 foods to feed the gut bacteria that protect and nourish your dog

an amazing source of essential & varied minerals, vitamins and nutrients

suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies.

and so easy to prepare!

SmartBarf is a 100% natural source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from over 50 different seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, pulses and herbs. All the ingredients are carefully selected for maximum nutritional benefit, to create a healthy balanced diet for your dog and your puppy.

SmartBarf is already prepared and with a long shelf life, all for your convenience and to save you time and money. Just add water and serve with meat.


40% Herbs, Vegetables and Seaweed (leafy greens, root crops, Mediterranean herbs, meadow plants, seaweed)

40% Seeds and Nuts (meadow seeds, vegetable seeds, herb & spice seeds, tropical and woodland nuts)

10% Fruits and Berries (orchard, Mediterranean, tropical and hedgerow)

10% Pulses (8 different beans)

Smartbarf 500g

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