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Bellfor Immune Powder 80g

External influences can weaken the immune system


Adult dogs as well as old and weak dogs are optimally supported by Bellfor Immune. 


Adult dogs and performance dogs:


  • To strengthen old and weak dogs
  • Recovering from illness
  • With inadequate nutrition
  • Improvement of the general constitution
  • During and after high physical strain 


What makes Bellfor Immun so valuable?

The high-quality insect protein with its unique amino acid structure in combination with valuable raw materials such as propolis, selected herbs such as sea buckthorn, horsetail, stinging nettle and rose hip has been designed to permanently support the immune system. 



You can simply stir the finely ground herbs into the wet or dry food of your pet. If necessary, mix the herbal mixture with some water to facilitate the absorption for your animal.

Note: Store in a cool and dry place.



Insect protein (black soldier fly), ground (56%), nettle seed, ground (12%), sand corn leaves, ground (12%), rosehip, ground (12%), propolis, ground (4%), field horsetail, ground (4%).

Bellfor Immune Powder 80g

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