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Premium Evening Primrose Oil 50ml

Up to 10,000 evening primrose seed pods have to be pressed to obtain one gram of the valuable oil. But this effort is worth it, because the oil is rich in gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid (unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids). These are important for normal skin and coat function. Vitamin E, minerals and amino acids can also help to reduce inflammation, skin irritation or itching and thus contribute to vital skin and a shiny coat.

Evening primrose oil can be used internally and externally. The combination is particularly effective.

Composition: 100% evening primrose oil

Analytical Constituents: 100% Crude Fat

Feeding recommendation

Data in drops daily:

Cats up to 5 drops

Dogs per 10 kg: 5-10 drops

Premium Evening Primrose Oil 50ml

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